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Verfasst am 12.03.2006 16:23:33 Uhr
It has been a while...
Hi Leute!

Sorry, ist etwas her, seit meinem letzten Eintrag.
Aber es war auch soviel los...
Zuerst einmal waren Solli, Cornélie, Johanna und ich in London für ein Wochenende. Es gab ein Konzert der Wise Guys, welches wirklich genial war und ein Konzert der Magnets, das leider nicht so toll war. Naja, danach war Solli für 5 Tage bei mir, dann war die Totalnacht der Wise Guys, ein ca. 6 stündiges Konzert, dann war ich Karneval mit Bernd unterwegs. Schließlich befand ich mich wieder in einem Flieger Richtung England. Diesmal allerdings um meine Freundin Lisa in Colchester zu besuchen. War total schön die Zeit, auch wenn ich Bernd total vermisst habe.

Naja, soviel ersteinmal zu meinen letzten Wochen. Wäre zuviel alles ausführlich aufzuschreiben.
Muss also reichen!
Bis die Tage!
Kuss Anke

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Verfasst am 10.01.2006 15:36:37 Uhr
Happy new year! Part 2
January 6th! Marc's and Henning's birthday party. Marc is my sister' boyfriend. I was really excited, because I would see Bernd again. He is a very good friend of Marc. And we wrote a lot of e-mails the last couple of months and met each other. It was always very nice. So I looked forward seeing him.
The party was really fun, but this might be because of Bernd. We talked a lot and, well, ... you know. I don't want to write more in here.
I stayed until 5:30 am and then I was really tired.

The next day I got up early (11 o' clock, although I've been up since 9 o' clock) and checked the train schedule to Duisburg. Mella celebrated her 25th birthday.
So I arrived in Duisburg at around 4 pm. We helped Mella with the preparing the food for the evening. Her other friends came over, too. I liked them. They are very funny.
But at 10 pm I was alerady very exausted. But nevertheless I stayed up til 0:30 am. Then Solli and I wanted actually to sleep but we had an crazy idea for our homepage and were suddenly wide awake. So we wrote something. That must have seemed as if we don't want to sit with the others, although that wasn't true. Mella was a bit angry with us. I hope now she understood why we did this.
At 3:30 am I got into bed finally.
After we got up I met Sunny at the central station in Duisburg and stayed the day over at her place. She gave me a present: a book called "Mondscheintarif" by von Kürthy. It is hillarious. Just great. I have to get the other books of her, too.
It was really funny with Sunny (a rhyme!!!). We had a good laugh because of a picture of Thomas and Robin. Hihi, just great!

Well after some problems of mine reading the timetable of trains correctly (damn Deutsche Bahn) I arrived home at araound 8 pm. Kirsten asked if I can take Bernd and Marc to the station. They fly to New York. Of course I wanted. becuase that way I could see Bernd before he is leaving.
So we met a 9 pm at Kirsten's house. At 21:45 pm I took them to the station, but not before stopping at our house to fetch the English dictionary for the two. (How can thy possibly fly to another country without taking a dictionary with them? Boys!)
Well, they arrived save (after an 8 hour flight because of a storm) in New York and have a kind of cultural shock because of the bigness of NY!
But that's all for now!
I gonna write soon more!

Take care!

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Verfasst am 10.01.2006 15:18:01 Uhr
Happy new year! Part 1
Hi you!

So, the year 2006 is finally here. Wow! I hope it will be as great as the last one. The beginning was already awesome!
I've been in Hamburg at Solli's place on New Year's Eve! Maren was there, too. We had Racelette and alc-free cocktails. It was really nice and quiet. Just the right thing for this (last) year.
Solli and I worked on our homepage ( and had a lot of fun filming us with our digital cameras. Oh my god! Sometimes really funny, sometimes really embarrassing.
I got to know all realatives of Solli: her Mom, Dad, sister and her granny. We were invited for dinner by the grandmother. That was really a lot of fun, actually. Solli and I had a good laugh afterwards and a new insider (der Karpfen...)!
After my stay at Solli I drove to visit Steffi in Hannover, but just for one day. I slept there, too.
We watched Monty Python's "The life of Brian" and "Die wunderbare Welt der Schwerkraft"- It is so hillarious!
Totally exausted I drove home.

Actually I wanted to visit my cousin in her new appartment, but she cancelled. So I had a free evening and had the possibillity to talk to Solli on the phone. We hadn't talked for ages *lol*!
Next day I've been to Roman. We cooked together and watched later on "Schillerstraße" and "Wo die Liebe hinfällt"- The new movie with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner. A really good movie. Worth buying it, I guess.

... to be continued...

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Verfasst am 31.12.2005 18:21:04 Uhr
Happy new year!

Ich sitze gerade bei Solli und wir haben ganz viel Spaß gehabt Mellas Geschenk zu kreieren.
Bisher hatte ich eh ziemlich viel Spaß, z.B. bei der weiteren Planung unserer WG, beim Telefonat mit FLocke, beim Basteln an unserer Homepage und beim gemeinsamen sabbern dank bestimmter Bilder
(Solli, du weißt schon welche )

Nun ja, ich wünsche euch allen genauso eine schöne Zeit am heutigen Abend, wie ich es schon seit gestern habe.
Rutscht gut rüber!
Bis bald!
Hab euch lieb!

To my beloved american family: I wish you a very happy year. Have fun in Tahoe! I hope you had some snow after all!
Miss you!

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Verfasst am 25.12.2005 23:38:15 Uhr
First day of christmas!
Hi everybody!
The first day of christmas is over and it was nice as usually.
On Christmas Eve my parents and I have been to my sister's house. It was fun to see how my niece and nephew opened all the presents.
Back home I opened the present I got from my American hostfamily. I couldn't believe my eyes: it was an iPod Nano from Apple!!! I always wanted one, but never bought it because it is so expensive. I called my hostfamily right away to say thank you. So I had a little chat with my "Mom" and with "my" kids Leo and R.J.! They are so cute. I just love them!!!

Tomorow I gonna see Steffi, Solli, Cornélie, Susanne, Mella, Martina and all the others at the christmas concert of the Wise Guys- yahoo!
So have a nice second christmas day!

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